Everything that you need to have a wildly successful podcast with a raving, loyal fan base.


Whether you're finally ready to start a podcast or have been podcasting for years...

If you're ready for a MASSIVE boom in:

  • listeners
  • 5-star ratings
  • confidence
  • content
  • money from your show

This is for you.

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Instead of figuring out everything yourself the hard, expensive, time-consuming, discouraging way, you get all of the step-by-step guidance and secrets from two experts in the field.

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In Podcasting Confidence, you get both...

the heart and soul part of creating content and showing up authentically
everything you need to know about the tech and production side of things.

  • Everything about creating your episodes and publishing them out into the world that you'd ever need to know.
  • The A-Z about everything tech - screenshots, detailed step-by-step guides, no questions left unanswered!
  • Decide on and create all of the basics like your podcast name, description, cover art, intro music, and host platform.
  • Get detailed video help from a top podcast editor about setting up your microphone, recording, and editing.
  • Learn best practices for recording.
  • Identify and speak to your ideal listener.
  • Get comfortable being seen and heard by the world.
  • Learn to create and use graphics to attract new listeners.
  • Spread the word about your show and gain an audience.
  • Create community around your show and cultivate loyal fans who love you and believe in your message.
  • Land killer guests for your show and simplify the guest process.
  • Learn how to conduct amazing guest interviews.
  • Create 15 audience-building pieces of content from one episode so you can work smarter, not harder.
  • Get expert help with all of the back end things like SEO, your RSS feed, and getting your show on different platforms.
  • Develop a show notes process that works for you - with examples and templates!
  • Organize and manage your podcast in a way that feel easy.
  • Generate money and sales from your podcast - with or without sponsorships!

Allie Casazza

Allie Casazza is the host of The Purpose Show - a top-rated podcast with more than 8.5 million downloads in just over 3 years - and the creator of online courses that have earned her international attention for her fresh, practical lifestyle strategies for moms. Known as 'The Life Minimalist', she encourages and inspires women to pursue abundant life by creating space for what matters most. Allie and her husband, Brian, live with their four young children in South Carolina.

Michelle Glogovac

Michelle Glogovac is the host of the My Simplified Life podcast and creator and founder of The MSL Collective. After an 18 year career in corporate aviation, Michelle discovered her love of all things podcasting. She works with entrepreneurs and business owners to niche down, grow their businesses, and visibility while ensuring their message reaches the masses. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law, resides in the Bay Area and loves to share what her favorite wines are!